Good news for Film Industry as Government committs to an extra €9million to Screen Ireland for 2021, in latest budget.


Bootstrap Films is in development with writer Matt Derham on a wonderful project "Love Alice" about a young 17 year old girl who rediscovers LIFE after clinical depression. Its  a positive and endearing story of survival. 

Our Film Noir, SPIDERS TRAP, picks up another award at The ACCOLADE GLOBAL FILM COMPETITION.

We are delighted with our latest win for excellence at The Accolade Global Film Competition.This comes on top of our earlier win at The Indiefest Film Festival.

BOOTSTRAP FILMS is delighted to announce the development of a television series entitled THE CATALPA

We are very excited to be developing such a high concept television series, based on the extraordinary escape of 6 Fenian Prisoners from Fremantel Prison, Perth, Australia in 1876. Described at the time as the greatest mythic escape of all times that rocked the foundation of the British Empire. Its a terrific caper and an incredible story of  how humanity can overcome adversity.

Awards win at Underground-Cinema


Bootstrap Films, was delighted to receive the Best Music Score (Joe Conlan) and the Best Director Award (Alan Walsh) at the Underground Cinema Awards for their Short Film " No Justice". "

It's a great tribute to all who worked on this production. Congrats to Alan and Joe and to all at Underground Cinema from all at Bootstrap Films.

4 Nominations from Underground-Cinema for it's short film, No Justice


Bootstrap Films is delighted to receive 4 nominations from Underground-Cinema for it's short film, No Justice. It's at the cut and thrust of low budget film making . It provides an alternative for all those talented filmmakers who do not get support through the normal channels and we need it to foster and broaden the base of talent in this country, said John Phelan Producer.

Cannes Film Festival


Bootstrap Films has a number of projects at various stages of development and pre-production. We'd love to meet you. Call John on + 353 87 2568872 or email us at

Bootstrap Films completes filming on its new short film " NO JUSTICE ", starring Don Baker & Glen Baker.


" NO JUSTICE ", starring Don Baker & Glen Baker"There is a need to bring this story of drug gangs to the eye of the public ", says Producer, John Phelan." We need a debate and a review on arming the ordinary police officer on the beat.". The film will be completed in July 2009


Producer John Phelan has been selected by the Fianna Fail Party to run in the Local Elections in June 2009.


" I'm delighted to be selected and I look forward to a healthy campaign. There is a lot of work to do and if elected I will bring new ideas and a fresh outlook to the landscape of the local politics in my Local Electoral Area "

Check out my web site

Bootstrap Films will commence production shortly on it's latest short film "No Justice"


Bootstrap Films will commence production shortly on it's latest short film "No Justice", a gritty, hard edged story about drugs and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It features Don Baker ( In the name of the father ) . Directed by Alan Walsh and Mario Bortas, with a script from Alan Walsh. Check out the blog.

Bootstrap Films has signed a distribution deal with global media distribution specialist Quat Media, Toronto, Canada, for it's short film, VICIOUS CIRCLE, directed by Alan Walsh. Vicious Circle is a short/drama, shot in black and white, about suspicion and betrayal. Set in 1916 during Irelands struggle for freedom, it is paralleled with today's attempts to bring peace in Northern Ireland. Shot in black and white using original footage, it is a thought-provoking story about what happens when people wont trust each other, resulting in a continuing circle of unnecessary violence.
"We've signed a 4 year world-wide distribution deal with them. It's very difficult to get shorts out there so that audiences can see them. We are very pleased to be working with Quat Media as it adds an additional pipleline for our short titles" said John Phelan of Bootstrap Films.

Bootstrap Films praised the recently announced initiatives by the Minister for Arts, Sport & Tourism


Bootstrap Films praised the recently announced initiatives by the Minister for Arts, Sport & Tourism. Martin Cullen T.D, in relation to the Tax Incentives for Filming in Ireland. " The Ministers announcement significantly improves the position from an investor viewpoint and the producer yield. We met with him recently and strongly advocated the changes he has made. " said John Phelan of Bootstrap Films. The investor will be in a position to achieve a 100% allowance on their investment for tax purposes. ( up from 80% ) and the amount they can invest has been increased to €50,000. ( up from €31,750 ). This should increase the yield to between 26-28% realistically, and we hope it will encourage inward investment in feature film production.

Movieola purchases "What If" rights


Bootstrap Films is please to announce that Movieola, the dedicated Canadian Short cable channel has purchased the non-exclusive rights over 2 years to Alan Walsh's award winning short film "What If". "We are delighted with this sale. It again raises the profile of this project, which is now in advanced development as a full feature film," said John Phelan of Bootstrap Films.

No Ifs about it


What If mentioned in the Irish Times - "Alan Walsh's fine Irish short "What If", in which two movie stuntmen decide to become film-makers, recently played at the Irish Film Institute, and was enthusiastically received. Featuring amusing cameos from John Boorman and Jim Sheridan. Walsh's picture has already impressed audiences at festivals in Ireland and the USA."

Irish Times, Donald Clarke

More good news for "WHAT IF"



Alan Walsh & John Phelan pictured at the festival.
Bootstrap Films is pleased to announce that Alan Walsh has won Best Director for his short film " WHAT IF ", in the International Film Awards section of the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival which took place in New York in early November.


"What If" is a comedy drama that tells the story of two movie stuntmen, looking for a way out of the business. They write a screenplay with unforeseeable consequences. Staring Simon Delaney, Hugh Lee and Niall Buggy. With special appearances by John Boorman and Jim Sheridan.
Produced by John Phelan.

"What If" To Screen With "Special" at IFI from 23-Nov-06


Bootstrap Films have announced their award winning short "What If" will screen with the US feature "Special" at the IFI from Friday December 8th. Comedy/drama "What If" tells the story of two movie stuntmen looking for a way out of the business. They write a screenplay with what are described as "unforeseen consequences". The film stars Delaney, Hugh Lee and Niall Buggy, with special appearances by directors John Boorman and Jim Sheridan.

"What If" will screen with Hal Haberman's indie feature "Special". The film stars Michael Rapaport (Boston Public) who plays a painfully unremarkable metermaid until he enrolls in a drug study for an experimental anti-depressant. An unexpected side effect of the drug convinces Les he is developing special powers and must quit his job to answer his new calling in life... Superhero!



Following on the success of the short film, WHAT IF, the project is currently being developed into a feature film. WHAT IF is produced by Bootstrap Films and Colin Farrell and Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Brendan Gleeson will star in the feature film version with Simon Delaney and Hugh Lee.

The feature is a comedy, which tells the story of two movie stuntmen who, looking for a way out, write a screenplay with unforeseen consequences, and is set to go into production in Ireland in 2007. The project is written by Alan Walsh and Columb Farrelly and will be directed by Alan Walsh.

The short film WHAT IF, written and directed by the same team, with funding from the Irish Film Board, has had much success on the international festival circuit after it premiered at the Dublin Film Festival earlier this year. US audiences will have an opportunity to view the film at the Los Angeles International Shorts Festival, on the 7th September, at the Arclight Cinema and at the Los Angeles Independent International Film & Video Festival , at Laemmle Fairfax at 7907 Beverly Blvd. on the 17th September.


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